Friday, April 29, 2011

Some Kilcoo surnames

Most common surnames in Kilcoo in 1863-4

* Interesting to note that there doesnt seem to be any Devlins.

Surname, Households, Notes

Morgan, (52), from the Irish Ó Muireagáin,

McClean, (34), I think it is from Mac Giolla Eáin but I am still working on this one.

Kelly, (26), from the Irish Ó Ceallaigh.

McCartan, (25), from the Irish Mac Artáin.

Cunningham, (23), almost certainely from the Irish Mac Cuinneagáin but possibly from Ó Coinneacháin'

Fitzpatrick, (23), a Norman name, the Irish form is Mac Giolla Phádraig.

O'Hare, (23), from the Irish Ó hÍr.

Grant, (21), often given the Irish form 'de Grannd' but of course, in Down, Grant is an anglicisation of Mac Gránna.

McCrickard, (17), from the Irish Mac Riocaird.

McAvoy, (15), most likely from the Irish Mac Aodha Bhuí but possibly from Mac Giolla Bhuí.

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