Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Surnames from Clonduff

I pulled this list from the Clonduff GAA website, it isn't bad at all, apart from the misreading of an 's' for an 'r' in Gaelic script with is very common, I have skipped the translations for now.

Remember, the Irish / Gaelic forms of names are almost alway the original form, they are not translations, not equivalent.

ANDERSON: If this is a native name, then it from the Irish Mac Giolla Aindréis
BRADY: Mac Brádaigh
BRANIGAN: Ó Branagáin
BROWN: de Brún (the brown) - Could also be Mac Giolla Dhuinn.
BURNS: Ó Broin
CAULFIELD: Mac Cathmhaoil
DOYLE: Ó Dubhghaill
FAGAN: Ó Faodhagáin
FITZPATRICK: Mac Giolla Phádraig (Note, in this case, Fitzpatrick is the original#)
GRANT: Mac Gránna
GREENAN: Ó Grianáin
GRIBBON: Mag Roibin (note in Down, the -ín diminutive ending is alway simply pronounced -in.
HANLON: Ó hAnnluain
McALINDON: Mac Giolla Fhionndáin (Note Lindon is also used to anglicise this name);
McAVOY: Mac Giolla Bhuide (could also be Mac Aodha Bhuí, more research needed.
McCONVILLE: Mac Conmhaoil
McGAW: Mag Ádaimh
McGEE: Mac Aoidh
McGINNIS: Mag Aonghais
McGILL: Mac an Ghoill
McGINN: Mag Fhinn
McGREEVY: Mag Riabhaigh
McLOUGHLIN: Mac Lochlainn
McPOLIN: Mac Póilin (note in Down, the -ín diminutive ending is alway simply pronounced -in. Note also that the McPolins formerly anglicised their name as (Mc)Poland before they caught themselves on.
MORGAN: Ó Muireagáin
MURNAN: Ó Murnáin
O'HAGAN: Ó hAgáin
O'HARE: Ó hÍr (Note Ó hÍr is pronounces approximately Ó Heersh)
WALLS: de Bháil
WILSON: Mac Liam (Mac Liam is a translation of Wilson, which is an English name. In Irish people simply pronounced Wulsana)

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