Friday, August 19, 2011

Some more County Down words ...

To be honest, at this stage, I am struggling to come up with any more specific County Down words, it is a (presently) extinct dialect at the end of the day, unfortunately.

However, here are a few words of County Down Irish which can be found in Oriel Irish in general and in East Ulster in general.

Práinn = haste

Is mór an phráinn seo ort = you are in a great hurry.
Déan práinn = hurry up.

Feidhm = need

feidhm airgid ort = if you need the morning

Cosúil = reasonably
Tuigim go cosúil é = I understand it pretty well

Alt = a glen
cuiseog = 'a wind straw'
aidigh = admit
áite = a place (<áit)
dadamh = anything
coitcheannacht = community

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