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Some Kilbroney Surnames

Most common surnames in Kilbroney parish in 1863-4.

Surname (Households)
Cill Bhrónaí

Feran (37) - from the Irish Ó Fearáin. More commonly anglicised as Fearon today. Fearán appears to mean 'small man'.

Morgan (37) Ó Muireagáin. Can be a Welsh name but it can been used to anglicise a number of Irish surnames including Ó Murcháin agus Ó Muireagáin. The evidence points to Morgan being used to anglicise Ó Muireagáin in South Down and in South Armagh. Pron. "ă mŭr′-ă-Găan" in S Armagh (SÓhA via Ó Duibhín).

Sloane (28) From the Irish Ó Sluagháin (now written Ó Sluáin). Sloan is also a 'Scottish' surname but is ultimately in that case of Irish extraction. The name Sluaghán signifies 'hosting or army' (MacLysaght).  

Murphy (18) From the Irish Mac Murchaidh, meaning 'son of Murchù'. Murchù means 'sea warrior / hound'.

Farrell (15) From the Irish Ó Fearghail. Fearghal means 'man of valour'. 

McGivern (15) From the Irish Mag Uidhrín (a diminutive of Mag Uidhir - Ó Duibhin)

Treanor (14) - From the Irish Mac Tréinfhir. Mac Tréinfhir means 'son of the strong man'. 

White (14) - Probably an anglicisation of Gaelic name but without further evidence it is difficult to say which and to speculate would be counter productive.

Hughes (12) - In Down, Hughes has been used to anglicised Mac Aodha 'Son of Aodh'.

Brennan (11) - From the Irish Ó Branáin

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